What we have done

Repeatable success

Our diverse and multi-cultural team is mobile, having worked in our clients’ regional offices across five continents. We have enabled global transformations that have created value in excess of $1bn for our clients.

Here is a selection of case studies, providing examples of how we have helped our clients to realise complex change programmes in their organisations that deliver lasting business value

> Improving performance <

Transforming operations at a complex production plant, improving output, safety and operational efficiency

> Transmitting know-how <

Replicating an effective working model supported by new technology across continents, multiplying productivity and efficiency benefits

> Maximising efficiency <

Enabling the effective use of real-time monitoring to deliver a significant reduction in construction costs and risk

> Leveraging technology <

Implementing a systematic and repeatable method for prioritising, developing and deploying advanced technologies that creates business value

> Enabling collaboration <

Aligning, integrating and connecting global experts to deliver a complex production start-up project