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Replicating an effective working model supported by new technology across continents, multiplying productivity and efficiency benefits

"Thank-you. It’s a great achievement for everyone involved in the project..."

"The judges were particularly impressed with the way we had built on the work done in the US and shared our knowledge."

- Client Programme Manager, in response to his programme winning an internal award


Following a successful pilot project, to improve the performance of a large complex production plant in the United States through the introduction of new ways of working supported by new real-time surveillance technology (see 'Improving performance') , our client asked us to deploy this operating model and supporting technology to three additional production environments in Europe. Enhancements had also been made to the technology to enable additional aspects of plant operation to be monitored, requiring an extension to the operating models.

Existing operating practices in the three European plants differed not only from those in the US, but also from each other, as each facility had autonomously developed its own local organisation, practices and cultures. Different ways of working made the client less able to share best practice across regions and less agile, as staff with experience in one region could not seamlessly transfer into roles in other regions.

What we did

Morphix worked over 2 years to successfully adapt and introduce the piloted processes, organisation and working practices to multiple production teams in Europe, systematically distributing know-how using our business transformation methodology to maximise the benefit from the introduction of real-time plant surveillance technology.

We listened to each production team in order to understand their issues and objectives, and built a sense among them that they all faced a common set of challenges that required the same solution, creating a common identity and momentum for change across the region. We enabled our client’s experts to iterate the baseline operating model to incorporate new processes, activity and role definitions to make best use of new data streams and alert functions that had been added to the real time surveillance system.

We worked with local production teams to adapt the centralised processes to local conditions and successfully deployed new working practices across all plants, through a holistic management of change. For the first time an operating model proven in one region was successfully transferred to multiple plants on another continent in a systematic and structured way.


Use of the surveillance data combined with new working practices has enabled significant improvements in plant production outputs and saved staff time, allowing them to focus on better decision making and other value-add activities. The introduction of standardisation and consistency in operations between multiple production locations has enabled the creation of shared services that make better use of scarce resources, and has made it possible to transmit learning and best practice between locations efficiently and effectively through collaboration. Best practice is codified and consistently applied through well-documented processes and procedures, enabling new staff to quickly integrate and move between plants and regions, making the organisation more agile.

This systematic and structured transmission of know-how to multiple production sites has provided the client with $110M in improved performance over 5 years.

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