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Framework and system training

Equipping your staff with the skills and competencies needed for transformation activities means you are less reliant on external resources, and you create an internal strategic capability for on-going business improvement.

The ASSIST® framework orientation course is a 4-day, structured, hands-on transformation learning experience which immerses participants in an evolving case study. At each stage concepts are clearly explained and followed by syndicate exercises to apply the concepts just taught.

What will you learn?

Following the course participants will have a clear understanding of business transformation and improvement. They will know how to use the ASSIST® framework and online software platform for determining strategic issues and objectives, performance measures, improvement backlogs, capability and process modelling, information modelling, technology architecture and agile user stories, organisation design, change management, and deployment.

Course location

The course can be either held on-site or offsite for up to 12 participants with personal computers, at locations with good internet connectivity, and with facilities for a mix of classroom and syndicate working.

Coaching support can be arranged following a course to help participants apply their learning to the specific circumstances of their own organisations

4-day expert-led framework orientation training with active participation

“The course was very well paced and was very informative. The order of events allowed concepts to be built on each other and the ASSIST® online software was intuitive to use”

“This was a great course that is well structured and was led competently”

Who should attend?

Managers responsible for designing and implementing strategic improvements such as program and project managers, design of KPI's, business processes, information systems, technology, change management, and organisation design.

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