• Mark Newman

RACI - available now in ASSIST®

Updated: Feb 3, 2021

A rapid RACI definition window in ASSIST®

Two of the 'Big 4' consulting firms have recently asked us to extend the ASSIST® framework to include RACI for roles. For example, in one of their applications RACI is used to help rapidly model the distribution of role assignments across international boundaries for intra-company tax optimisation.

ASSIST® already had the 'R' (Responsible role assignments) but not 'ACI'. The way of approaching this in ASSIST® until now had been to break down the 'ACI's into individual 'R' assignments. However, while this method offered a high level of rigour, it is time consuming and not appropriate for fast, initial 'top down' analyses.

In the latest ASSIST® release, a full implementation of RACI is now supported for roles. A special purpose window has been developed which allows RACI to be quickly defined for any capability, process, or activity.

For those of us involved with business transformation and organisational development, RACI needs little introduction. But for completeness here are some summary definitions;

R (Responsible) - the role(s) that work to complete the task and output(s)

A (Accountable) - the role that is answerable for the quality of deliverable(s)

C (Consulted) - role(s) which need to have an input

I (Informed) - role(s) that need to informed about task progress or completion

The latest RACI development complements the existing ASSIST® facilities for conceptual modelling, strategic framing, and rapid 'top down' analysis and design.


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