• Mark Newman

Operating models which come alive

Updated: May 7, 2021

Combining rich pictures with dynamic objects

When designing and presenting operating models, did you ever wish for the presentational flexibility that comes with drawing tools such as Visio and PowerPoint, but also combined with database supporting reuse, integration, reporting and analytics?

Our latest release of ASSIST® transformation platform achieves just that. Now you can create custom symbols for capabilities, processes, organisation, technology, and other key parameters which are fully navigable and reusable.

The same operating model with default symbols

The models above are semantically the same, but the first uses enhanced symbols to create a more dynamic impact, while the second uses ASSIST® default symbols. Of course, each representation might be useful for different audiences.

For example, the first model using enhanced symbols creates a more informal and accessible representation suitable for leadership and management teams. The second model offers a consistent use of symbols which is useful when comparing and integrating models.

Both can be maintained simultaneously in ASSIST®, reusing the same underlying library objects - they are just represented differently in each model.

The latest release of ASSIST® comes with thousands of searchable icons and in the unlikely event that you cannot find what you need, you can always upload you own image and use that instead.

This latest feature in ASSIST® allows you to quickly build high level models while maintaining a traceable pathway to subsequent detailed implementation designs.

Using enhanced 'rich picture' approaches can make operating models come alive, leading to higher impact and improved client engagement.


ASSIST® is a consulting framework and online environment for business transformation which integrates strategic analysis, operating model design, and portfolio optimisation. You can read more about ASSIST® here

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