• Mark Newman

Integrating strategy, operating model design, and business change

Updated: Feb 24, 2021

ASSIST® - an integated transformation consulting framework and online environment

Too often transformation dimensions of strategy, operating model design, and change delivery are not properly integrated. Failure to integrate these interdependent dimensions means that strategic business goals may not be fully met, future operating models may not be coherent, and value delivery can be compromised.

Achieving alignment between these dimensions is a real challenge, particularly when we rely on office tools such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Visio. Critical content gets dispersed across multiple documents, each file offering its own limited view on what inevitably becomes a fragmented and unsustainable transformation model.

Is there an alternative to a document-centric consulting delivery approach? Is there something better than slide decks, spreadsheet pivots, and diagrams developed in drawing packages?

Is it possible to have a framework which brings together all the information needed in transformation delivery, automatically maintaining relationships not only between strategy, operating models and change delivery, but also between process, technology and organisation design?

Results-driven transformation requires alignment of strategy, plans, policies, culture, process, people, technology, risk, change, etc. Getting 'line of sight' on how these different dimensions relate to each other and prioritising what changes should be made is crucial when working in dynamic client environments where new requirements emerge or are uncovered during the course of transformation programmes. ASSIST® is an approach and online environment which helps organise thinking and report changes across the dimensions needed for transformation. It reduces the need for multiple documents, spreadsheets, presentations, and diagrams. It provides a single, integrated view of what changes are needed, how they support strategy, and how they are being implemented. It joins up business strategy, business architecture, and portfolio optimisation to deliver a sustainable agile operating model.


ASSIST® is a consulting framework and online environment for business transformation which integrates strategic analysis, operating model design, and portfolio optimisation. You can read more about ASSIST® here

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