• Mark Newman

Accelerating Transformation consulting delivery with ASSIST®

Updated: Jan 30, 2020

Accelerating transformation by using reference models to seed target models

How can you efficiently integrate, store, and reuse operating model designs?

Whether you are a consulting firm looking to efficiently reuse intellectual assets across projects and clients, or an end-user organisation that is building an integration platform for operating models, the challenge is the same. There is a need to be able to reuse past designs without starting from scratch - and this is fundamental to accelerating new projects or providing localised implementations.

So why do this? Designing operating models is an expensive and time-consuming process, particularly if they comprehensively cover strategic analysis, business and technology architecture, process, and organisational design. If they can sustained in a reference model and then drawn on when the next project or implementation starts, then it will be possible to significantly accelerate transformation delivery for successive projects.

If it is possible to reuse and reintegrate, then reference models will capture intellectual assets of a consulting firm or an end-user enterprise. If the reference model is extensible, then its development can be undertaken over a period, as and when projects complete.

The process of managing reference operating models is directly supported in the latest release of ASSIST®. Reference models can be defined and then be seamlessly imported into a new target operating model.

An example in ASSIST® of importing an industry-specific HR model into a client target operating model

In the example above, the consultant working on a new client project selects the appropriate HR reference model and imports it into a new target operating model - accelerating the client's transformation project. At the end of the project, any new designs can be imported back into the reference model to extend scope and detail ready for the next assignment.

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ASSIST® is a unique business transformation solution which integrates strategic analysis, operating model design, and portfolio optimisation. You can read more about ASSIST® here