• Mark Newman

A quarter century and still going strong

I just received this plaque through the post from my son Ben - a sequel to the the one he sent in 2005 for our 10th anniversary. A quarter century of delivering transformation consulting and enabling technologies!

It has prompted me to acknowledge all our great customers, consulting, technical and admininstrative staff, associates, suppliers, friends, and long-suffering family members who have travelled with us on the Morphix journey. A big thank you for your support, kindness, fairness, innovation, humour, consistency, challenge, and depth you have contributed over so many years!

Here's to the next 25...!


Most recently we have launched ASSIST® , a distillation of our 25 yers of global transformation consulting experience. ASSIST® is a consulting approach and online platform to help organise thinking and co-ordinate changes across the dimensions needed for transformation. It reduces the need for multiple documents, spreadsheets, presentations, and diagrams, providing a single, integrated view of what changes are needed, how they support strategy, and how they are being implemented.

If you would like to discuss and see how ASSIST® can be used to support your transformation consulting practice then please get in touch

ASSIST® is a framework and online environment for business transformation which integrates strategic analysis, operating model design, and portfolio optimisation. You can read more about ASSIST® here