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When we talk about Business Transformation with our clients, we are generally distinguishing between an approach which treats organisational change holistically, and one which simplistically attempts to pick off specific areas to change.

Holistic thinking recognises that organisational performance is influenced by different forces. At Morphix we have developed a model of performance which relates strategy, culture, process, people and technology together. When Morphix talks about Business Transformation, we mean taking an approach that takes into account these different dimensions together.

This approach enables our clients to take a fresh look at the issues and opportunities they face and to transform performance through the creation of new capabilities within the organisation. Typically, our transformation approach has a larger impact on organisations and facilitates a bigger step change in business performance than incremental improvement methods such as six-sigma and TQM.

There is an old Chinese saying, “If you don’t know what direction you want to go in, then any direction will do”. Sometimes there is a lack of clarity on direction, either because the strategy is not clear or because it is too abstract to be actionable. This results in different parts of the organisation either interpreting the strategy differently, or simply devising their own local strategy.

Any transformation initiative needs to be clear on the required business strategy, and so part of our work is to get agreement about the overall direction and requirements, and what these will mean in practice. We work with the appropriate leadership teams to improve collective understanding and build consensus on where the organisation needs to go, and the performance metrics needed to show that progress is being made.

Morphix specialises in change that releases organisational performance
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Morphix Business Transformation takes into account critical elements of performance to deliver an integrated holistic solution

In our view of how organisations operate, strategy is either critically enabled or hindered through work processes, supporting technology, organisational culture, and the people who work for you. Working through these dimensions systematically enables required changes to be made so that your organisation is effective in implementing its chosen strategy.

We have developed a tried and trusted assembly of inter-related methods, tools and software. These are used to implement changes which are sustainable and remain aligned to business strategy. Elegant modelling and associated documentation is created to describe underlying requirements, work processes, roles, and performance measures. Change management is carefully executed with proper communications, and where possible with direct participation in the design by those eventually impacted by the change. This ultimately results in higher levels of ownership and commitment.

Our approach enables change to be progressively integrated into your business. This allows you to iteratively improve your organisation over time, transforming operational areas according to strategic priority while ensuring business continuity

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