Minimising brain drain

Enhanced risk assessments minimise the impact of employee departure or role changes...

I guarantee you there are three little words that a boss dreads hearing from a team member first thing on a Monday morning or last thing on a Friday night… and they are ‘I am leaving’.

In that scenario – would your response be one of the following:

• Panic because you have a massive workload
• Dread that you won’t find someone as good
• Exhaustion at the thought of having to re-recruit and retrain
• Relief… because they were rubbish at their job in any case

OK… so we’ll assume the last one doesn’t apply because you run a tight team and with the help of HR you pick your employees well. You probably have some existing strategies in place that you’ll turn to and no doubt they will be good, but in this example let’s contrast and compare the efficacy of a company that does have MetaSight with a company that doesn’t.

The task is to provide your HR department with a detailed risk assessment of the impact on your business when ‘employee A’ leaves. You have 48 hours to complete this task and just to make life interesting you’re a working mum holding down a high profile job in a company dominated by men who constantly expect you to outperform before they will take you seriously.

Standard Techniques

So… you need to know what they know, who they know, what they do and how. Beginning with face-to-face interviews with Employee A and your team you build up a personal profile of their inter-team and inter-departmental networks, their areas of expertise and cross-reference this against their original job description.


But is this the whole picture?

MetaSight Precision Profiling

Remember, MetaSight works by cataloguing the e-mail transmissions of everyone within your organisation and then delivering this data back to you via an easy to use web portal. There are a number of ways to interrogate this data and in this scenario you call up the comms history of Employee A. Immediately it becomes apparent that our candidate has a much wider business network than you thought, stretching deeper within the departments you already knew about and also taking in areas that you didn’t. That’s not all, by tracking the subject matter of their e-mail history built up over many months it seems that their range of business expertise far exceeds their job description. In fact… they have a natural flair for marketing and often correspond with media teams, bridging the gap between product development and promotion. They also provide international support for a group of subsidiary companies overseas on an ad hoc basis.

Armed with this essential data you can complete an accurate risk assessment without getting one superwoman hair out of place. HR give you the thumbs up and you know how to effectively counter reduced performance within your team whilst a suitable replacement is being found.

Brain Drain: Don't let yourself get bitten when members of staff leave the organisation - use MetaSight's powerful tools to minimise the negative impact on your organisational efficiency
Standard Techniques: Here is a personal network profile created using old fashioned techniques of information gathering through interviews and job description
Advanced Profile: Here is the same users profile as seen by MetaSight. Notice the additional connections to different departments and a much wider range of expertise than expected


Using this example it’s not hard to see that the comms footprint captured by MetaSight provides a unique insight - leveraging network-building solutions for corporate good efficacy and strategic growth. Minimising Brain Drain is just one of many powerful applications afforded to subscribers of this unique platform. MetaSight is easily installed on standard corporate infrastructure, for a free demonstration of how MetaSight can help you call us now.

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