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MetaSight enterprise networking software accelerates networking with colleagues, customers and suppliers

Networks help you succeed

Successful people know how to network. They will often use their network to develop new business, get answers to questions, keep informed of events, look for new job opportunities, influence decisions and communicate new information.

So networking is a natural part of how we relate to other people, and building up our business network is vital for our future success.

But what if someone who could help you is outside of your personal network? Or what if you have recently joined your organisation or changed roles, and your personal network has not yet developed?

This is where MetaSight can help. It is a ‘power’ tool for accelerating your ability to network across your organisation - utilising innovative business social networking software. It allows you to quickly build on existing expertise and relationships, rather that constantly ‘reinventing the wheel’.

How does MetaSight work?

Put simply MetaSight is an enterprise web application which allows you to search and map 'who knows who’, and ‘who knows what'. It automatically maintains a profile of your organisation's interests and relationships by continuously analysing patterns of routine e-mail.

Suitable for organisations with

  • Up to 100,000+ employees

  • Local or global e-mail infrastructure


  • Microsoft Exchange

  • Office 365

  • MS SharePoint

  • MS Internet Explorer


  • Approximately 24 hours

  • No software on existing infrastructure

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