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Enabling the effective use of real-time monitoring to deliver a significant reduction in construction costs and risk

"This has been a very successful project for us and we have seen many positive results..."

"The quality of work involved in deploying a complete solution defining the processes, clarifying responsibilities and installing infrastructure with the necessary support is evident in the end result"

- Regional VP


This client performs complex engineering construction projects hundreds of times per year, using different teams in different locations around the world. The constructions are complex and very high cost. Mistakes and delays can increase build costs by many millions of dollars.

In looking for ways to minimise construction costs whilst maintaining safety as a priority, our client recognised the potential value that improved real-time monitoring of specific construction operations with embedded sensors could bring. However, data from these sensors would only be valuable if it could be helpfully displayed, correctly interpreted, combined with the right expertise and incorporated into real-time operational decision making at each construction site. The practices and experiences of teams in different locations varied greatly, with evidence of poor adherence to recommended practices and guidelines.

What we did

Morphix consultants worked with the client over 4 years, carefully constructing and operating a major development and deployment programme, configured from our methodology, to realise the anticipated cost and safety benefits from the effective use of new real-time data. We supported the creation of a business case for the programme, gaining the buy-in from senior stakeholders. Our clients’ subject-matter experts used Morphix methods to develop a view of construction work that integrated processes, roles, information and technology, enabling a desired to-be operating model to be codified in each discrete area targeted. Technology requirements were specified in the context of the overall operating model and provided to the IT organisation for analysis and implementation, ensuring the processing and display of real-time information to operatives was aligned with best-practice work processes.

Individual “solutions” were prepared for each area of construction impacted by real-time data monitoring, comprising new work processes, role and responsibility definitions, data displays, training materials and support services. Our consultants were deployed across 3 continents to co-ordinate pilot deployments of each solution with local construction teams, using the Morphix 4-stage approach to business transformation. These pilot deployments culminated in a formal sign-off to confirm that the solution was suitable for wide-scale deployment across the organisation.

A parallel programme then deployed the verified solutions at over 30 locations across 5 continents, led by our consultants in each region using Morphix business transformation methods.


A step improvement in construction efficiency was achieved through the use of appropriately presented real-time information by trained staff with clear responsibilities. The availability of real-time data in multiple locations enabled experts to collaborate around difficult issues, bringing shared awareness and the right know-how into complex problems which has resulted in better decisions.

This project is realising $200M per year in reduced construction costs for our client.

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