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Every large company has in-house experts. So why don't they use them more? Networking with in-house experts, with their specialized knowledge, skills and networks, could be invaluable to both colleagues and managers, but often workers who could use their help in other functions and business units may not even know they exist. Talk about a waste!

Because of an inability to tap into the best expertise quickly, problems may go unsolved, sales opportunities may be lost, new ideas may never get imagined; employees may come to feel underutilized and under-appreciated. These are things that no business can afford anytime — let alone in this day and age.

Let's explore one example of how MetaSight solves these problems, enabling expertise to be located quickly and easily.

Expertise: In house expertise can go to waste - however with MetaSight experts can be quickly located

Starting and resourcing projects

Imagine you have just been asked to manage a new project. You have been selected due to your strong project management experience. You have your project brief and a mandate to form a core project team to take you through to the first milestone. It is critical to find the right expertise for your core team, but where do you look?

Asking around your immediate network is getting you nowhere fast, although one colleague thinks there might be a similar project started a year ago - all you get is a project name.

Fortunately for you, your company has had MetaSight working away in the background all that time doing all the hard work for you. With a quick search on MetaSight, you find several people active on  this existing project in another location. The bonus is you recognise one name - a project manager you met on a course last spring.

One phone call later and you have the entire low down on the project. Although their brief turns out to have some key differences, you immediately recognise areas you can reuse and lessons learnt you can adopt - that initial project milestone  looks a lot less daunting than it did a few minutes ago.

Although you might be able move experienced resources from the other project when they start ramping down, you still need to staff your initial core team. Having defined the expertise you are after, you turn to MetaSight again. Narrowing your search by expertise, location and departments, you quickly identify candidates, their line managers and people you know who could provide references. A few phone calls later and you know who you want and have confirmed their availability. Using the power of MetaSight, your project can get off to a flying start.

  • Accessing global expertise

  • Staffing Projects

  • Developing networks

  • Reusing past experience

  • Encouraging global knowledge sharing

  • Supporting innovation

  • Leveraging external relationships

  • Cultivating personal virtual networks

MetaMap: MetaSight generates a virtual network profile for your new team member - allowing them to see their role within the organisation and their communication pathways
Innovate Across Boundaries: Enable people to connect to innovate across functional and geographic boundaries.

Around the coffee machine no longer works!

In the old days, integration would have consisted of a 20 minute induction around the departmental coffee machine – shaking hands with and not remembering names of colleagues who silently slip back into plush corner offices never to be seen again. Or possibly it would have involved some out of hours and socialising – but guaranteed it would have involved a lot of your time.

However… your new team member is a very bright working mother who can’t do evenings, although her qualifications are superb and you know she is more than capable of delivering the kind of support you need. You need to connect her to your internal networks fast and efficiently, so you turn to MetaSight.

Instantly she can see a MetaMap illustrating her role within the company - this shows how your team are connecting to sales, marketing and management – illustrating individual communication pathways between key players who can be contacted easily by your new team member when she has a question or needs support.

Furthermore MetaSight allows her to view and sort communications by her key contacts, profiling individual expertise through clustering topics of conversations. For instance – she can see that Team Member A in marketing has a high volume of communications on Product X, which is very useful to her as she is responsible for budgeting the design and development projections for this item. In fact – she can pull up a network profile of everyone associated with Product X across your entire multi-national organisation and create a power contact list if she wishes.

If she has a question on an individual topic or service, she can use MetaSight Tag Clouds to learn and approach individuals who are experts in these areas. MetaSight’s ‘borderless’ capture and connect capability means that topics of discussions from members overseas are just as accessible to her as those from within your own office.

Furthermore, unlike the old fashion induction manual, MetaSight’s information is constantly updated, flexing with your organisational development to generate new tags and topic lists as and when they occur.

For instance, if a new sub-division of a Product X is formed (Product Xa), MetaSight adapts to capture the shift in communication and creating a sub network of players who are starting to discuss this new topic. This is extremely important within organisations that depend on design and development, as line extension and project drift are areas that can have significant impact of budgeting and accounts. In this scenario, your new employee can easily contact all Product Xa players and bring them back under budgeting control.

So… your task is completed, your new employee is well on her way to full independent action thanks to fast-track network integration courtesy of MetaSight.

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