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Building relationships between strategy, culture, process, people, and technology

One of the distinguishing features of a business transformation approach is the recognition that achieving improvements in performance is a multi-dimensional challenge. The ASSIST framework not only identifies the key elements needed for performance, but also helps to synchronise relationships between them.

Delivering business integration

ASSIST helps align the vertical dimension of strategy, process, culture, people and technology. This alignment ensures that processes satisfy strategic requirements, and are performed consistently through roles undertaken by staff and supporting technology.

The horizontal dimension is managed so that divisions, functions and departments integrate, building on each others' services to avoid duplication and misalignment.


ASSIST also works as an organisational memory to support temporal integration. Previously designed processes, roles, and technologies can be easily revised or reused, leading to a sustainable and durable operating model.

Using simple but powerful design techniques, ASSIST facilitates collaborative participation, and agile delivery. It is designed for business managers who want to adopt a systematic and repeatable approach to continuously improve strategic performance.

Transformation Architecture
Transformation Architecture: Integration
Transformation Architecture: Strategy
Transformation Architecture: Culture
Transformation Architecture: Business process and information
Transformation Architecture: People, roles and organisation design
Transformation Architecture: Informations systems and technology
ASSIST® : A transformation framework that integrates the key elements of strategy, culture, process, people, and technology


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