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Creating value at every step using agile approaches

We work with you as embedded members of your transformation programme, helping to ensure that change comes from within the business, rather than being imposed on it from outside.

We employ a 4-stage approach, with each stage delivering tangible results. The transition between each stage is governed by a gate where your project sponsor decides, based on consultation with key stakeholders, if the programme is ready to proceed to the next stage.

This ensures that the transformation programme or process (if using agile approaches) stays on target to deliver against the mandate and planned benefits, and does not run away with uncontrolled cost, scope, time or quality.

Morphix Staged Approach

The Business Engagement stage contains activities needed to engage key stakeholders and create an agreed mandate for the project, programme or improvement, covering context, scope, key objectives and value measures.

The Solution Design stage encompasses activities to design the target operating model, and to confirm the benefits to be delivered by the programme. This stage also establishes organisational capability and technology requirements.

During Solution Implementation, a holistic deployment and management of change takes place, creating new working procedures, testing technology, and training. Support structures for sustaining a new operating model, aligned with internal and external stakeholders, are also put in place.

In the final Value Realisation stage, business performance and value is measured during operation to ensure the transformation has been successful against business objectives. The ongoing operation of embedded processes are assured, and continuously improved from lessons learned

Using Agile approaches transformation can be delivered through an incremental improvement process, or through phased programmes, or using a hybrid agile-programme approach.

Experienced support: We deploy a minimum number of very experienced consultants who understand how to help you, assuring a cost effective program where you are in control
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