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Aligning, integrating and connecting global experts to deliver a complex production start-up project

"A great example of collaborative working … This sort of process should be available to everyone..."

- Regional President


What we did

Our client had invested hundreds of millions of pounds in the development of a new production facility, capable of processing thousands of tonnes of raw material every day. Significant challenges were anticipated in bringing the production facility on line for the first time, and due to its scale and location this was to be the most complex start-up operation our client had ever undertaken.

Our client required an extremely well-planned “first 24 hours” during which many different potential scenarios could unfold that would require specialist responses until systems bedded in to steady-state operation. The client was keen to ensure the best possible planning took place, and that key expertise from around the world was available in real time to support any issues encountered.

Working with our client’s experts, we developed a set of business process workflows that described the activities involved in starting up the plant, including planned responses to the many different scenarios that could occur during the first 24 hours. These work processes were developed using Morphix structured approach and incorporated the work to be performed by remote experts around the world, who would provide specialist input via real-time collaboration technologies to those at the production facility.

Our business workflows were used to align, integrate and connect a global team of technical subject matter experts, ensuring their readiness and capability to contribute to production start-up events and real-time decision making from their various working locations across 9 different time-zones. Our structured and integrated approach incorporating work processes, activity definitions, roles, responsibilities, technology and information, people and culture ensured that there were effective mitigations to the many risks identified.


A huge sigh of relief as production was successfully and safely brought on-line and quickly optimised, through the collaborative efforts of over 50 people working harmoniously and effectively together.

Real time data acquisition in combination with defined activity workflows and risk based decision making processes enabled an exceptional outcome. The business processes developed and delivered for this project have subsequently been applied to the start-up of three additional plants, with repeated success.

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