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Your situation

Do you have a high profile change project or programme to deliver, involving complex stakeholder relationships? Does your programme depend on the successful adoption of innovative new technology? The potential business benefits of well executed change are high, but you may not be confident these will be delivered or sustained.

How Morphix can help

We will embed highly experienced business transformation consultants in your team. We will assemble our methods and tools to optimally match your unique situation, structuring your change programme and providing a clear pathway from initial Business Engagement to full Value Realisation.

We will engage carefully with your stakeholders wherever they are located, recognising their different positions, needs, working styles and culture.

We will provide actionable deliverables that underpin your change programme, and work with you to deploy new ways of working that leverage technology to produce lasting performance improvements.

Using the ASSIST business transformation system, we can also build and maintain a central repository for your organisational and process designs, displaying an up-to-date and extensible reference of how your organisation intends to work, supporting centralised business process development and adoption. These designs can be used to create ASSIST Management Consoles so that operational performance can be monitored in real-time.

The outcome

Your organisation will have adopted new ways of working that provide the targeted business benefits. In addition you will have demonstrated a successful and repeatable approach to delivering business transformation programmes in your organisation.

Together: We seek to build healthy and effective relationships with all our clients which are underpinned by our values

Our Values

  • Integrity:
    - being honest with each other

  • Transparency: 
    - being clear with those we work with

  • Mutuality:
    - working together with each other

ASSIST® : navigate your organisation's operating model with a web browser and monitor KPI's with Management Consoles
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