ASSIST    Transformation Solution


A new business solution for strategy execution and enterprise agility

Transformation is a challenge

As you know, organisations are a complex mixture of strategy, metrics, plans, culture, people, technology, risk, change, physical assets, and more - and it's why achieving transformation is a such a challenge.


ASSIST® is a solution which helps meet the transformation challenge. It connects business strategy, operating models, and project portfolios into a single management model. It is is based on 25 years of transformation consulting experience, and the solution now includes a new online environment which directly supports the ASSIST®    approach.

Linking strategy, design, change, and performance

It provides the structure needed to maintain relationships between strategy, design, change, and performance management, together with an iterative approach for managing major changes and continuous improvements.

An agile framework

Based on an agile framework, refined over 25 years from extensive experience acquired in international transformation programme delivery, ASSIST® is both an approach for business and digital transformations, and now also an enabling online platform.

It has been designed as a solution for managers who are leading and supporting change across their business. It enables the design and implementation of highly integrated, target operating models which are agile and incorporate each dimension needed for successful transformation.

Connecting strategy and delivery

It provides a systematic way of relating strategic objectives to the managed delivery of prioritised improvements. Where improvements require more detailed business process, organisational, or system design, these can easily be designed within the ASSIST® platform to ensure a clear alignment with business strategy. 

Supporting stakeholder collaboration

Advanced on-line collaboration features enable multiple stakeholders to engage and participate in both design and implementation.

ASSIST® is an agile way to manage enterprise transformation and improvements, iterating between strategic vision and implementation to deliver maximum value in the shortest possible time.

Key outcomes from using ASSIST


  • Business strategy is continuously delivered

  • Value, cost, and speed of change is improved

  • Strategy, KPI's, business process, information, systems, and roles are synchronised

  • Improvements prioritised across multiple projects

  • External stakeholders are properly integrated

  • Enterprise designs are elegant and coherent

  • Business, IT, and HR, are aligned

  • Global design status is accessible online

  • Dynamic enterprise agility and performance

ASSIST    : Strategy to performance accelerated using an Agile Operating Model with Agile Delivery


ASSIST - Agile Solution for Strategy, Information Systems, and Transformation




ASSIST® : Integrated business tools for agile transformation and improvement


ASSIST   - what is it?

A new strategy-driven transformation approach and online environment for designing and implementing performance improvements, while supporting the engagement of multiple stakeholders.

It joins up business transformation, operating models, and agile delivery into a single integrated operating model covering strategic objectives, KPI's, improvement business cases, capability design, business process design, activity design, operational risk, structured user stories, information models, technology use, organisation design, agile business improvement backlogs, agile technology backlogs, prioritisation, and portfolio optimisation.

The ASSIST® online platform supports versioned deployment, virtual conversations, integration with SharePoint, Teams, and other MS Office applications.

It is available as SaaS (Azure) or as an on-premise installation.

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ASSIST® Business tools for transformation



ASSIST®  : A business solution for managing agile transformation and improvement
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