ASSIST    Technical Details


Scalable enterprise software

ASSIST is a highly scalable web application utilising the latest HTML 5 standards, requiring no browser add-ins or client installations.​

Your data is secure

A centrally managed, secure database means that all visual and textual data for evolving models are referentially bound together. Full versioning throughout creation and update cycles is supported.​

Hosted in cloud or on-premise

ASSIST is available as SaaS, using Azure cloud services or as an on-premise installation. Remote administration and support services are provided and access is controlled using Azure Active Directory or windows authentication by project and user.

Collaborate on designs

Implemented for scalable cloud deployment and with a modern HTML5 web interface, ASSIST enables efficient collaboration when designing and deploying changes, enabling managers to monitor performance and maximise value.

ASSIST® : Software for design, change, and performance management
ASSIST® : scalable business transformation software

Key functionality

  • Strategic context and capability modelling including cascaded issues, objectives, performance measures, improvements & business outcomes

  • Integrated improvement portfolio management and tracking

  • Object-oriented business process workflow design with role assignment and technology use

  • Activity design: capacity, tasks, system use, SOP's policies, risks

  • High level functional system requirements using structured agile user stories

  • Versioning and release management


  • Available as SaaS with optional integration with an enterprise Azure Active Directory

  • Can be installed to a private cloud or datacentre

  • Scalable architecture that supports high availability deployments

  • Suitable for medium to large global enterprises

Server Requirements

  • Windows Server 2012r2, or Azure Web App

  • MS SQL Server 2016 or SQL Azure

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