Are you in the dark?

The knowledge you need is the knowledge you already have…

MetaSight Origins

Once in a generation an invention comes along that has the power to redefine and shift the expression of human experience as we know it. An old Englishman who passed away not so long ago, said that of all the discoveries he had seen in his life – covering pretty much a full century of human existence – the greatest of them all was the invention of tarmac! If you stop and think about it… he had a point! Global communications would simply not exist in the form that we know them today if it were not for that simple sticky oil and stone-based mixture.

The internet is this generations equivalent – providing super smooth hi-speed information highways for today’s virtual traveller. Whether you’re buying a pair of shoes online or filing a company report, booking a flight or sharing a memo with 50,000 employees, the web is your road map to a world of possibilities.

Listen for a moment in silence to the sound of your office… what do you hear? That, my friend is the sound (your colleagues' tiny e-mail keyboard clicks) of information being generated, shared, received, understood and filed away. Thousands of e-mails a day, millions in a year, hundreds of thousands of man hours – a vast silent noise of e-chatter going on all around you.

The sum of all that knowledge on a day-to-day basis is equal to the potential of your organisations ability to exist and perform… yet it is physically (and mentally) impossible for any one individual to store all of that knowledge inside their own head – which is why God created corporations!

The Intranet is just too limited

However, the question is, were you to be tempted by fruit from the tree of Knowledge, would you take it! In other words… would you be interested if it were possible to collect this vast pool of knowledge and provide an organic framework from which to share it with all in a way that could enhance performance and boost productivity?

Then you need MetaSight. 
‘What’s that?’, you ask. 
Simply put: ‘A new way of looking at what you already know’.

Unlike Intranet solutions – which will always have their place in modern corporations – MetaSight has been developed to scan and record data from an entire organisational e-comms footprint, whether that be e-mails from a small company of 200 employees or a multi-national corporation employing more than 50,000. Once recorded, the same data can be interrogated - via a simple interface -  by all subscribers, to provide fascinating insights into networking culture, topics of conversations, individual team clusters and interdepartmental connections, providing support for key business objectives such as:

  • Bid building

  • Recruitment

  • Limiting Brain Drain

  • Managing Suppliers

  • New Employee Integration

  • Improving Networks

  • Managing News Feeds

Data Capture: MetaSight can catch and preserve data from over 1,000,000 e-mails a day.
Networks: MetaSight builds advanced network profiles that reflect the reality of your organisational footprint
Tags: MetaSight clusters topics of conversations building power databases to support business strategy and development

This product cannot be purchased elsewhere

This unique MetaSight service from Morphix embodies their vision of ‘managing change potential’ and is a product that truly cannot be matched elsewhere. Simple to install and compatible with all major corporate e-mail platforms, MetaSight (to take out tarmac analogy a stage further) gives you the power to create a new private super-highway exclusively for the use of you and your team, so that they can travel to new destinations, more efficiently and with more success than ever before.

Your next step is to find out how you’ve been living in the dark for so long. Contact Morphix about MetaSight – because the knowledge you need is the knowledge you already have.

MetaSight Network Map: Showing connection between colleagues with common interests
Employee integration
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