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Improving  portfolio management

In larger organisations, multiple improvement initiatives are undertaken concurrently. Keeping track of each improvement, scope, impact, value, and implementation progress can be difficult, particularly if the organisation is dispersed.

Single or multiple backlogs

ASSIST makes an innovative use of agile delivery principles to support improvement to portfolio management. This means that improvements across the organisation can be allocated and ranked in a single or multiple backlogs. 


Automatic prioritisation

Alternative dice and slice scenarios are possible in addition to automatic prioritisation using either risk-modified Return on Investment (ROI) or Residual Income (RI).

Incremental planning

Each improvement can be broken down into actions which are assigned to planning increments. This approach allows for the adoption of an agile approach to business improvement and transformation.

User stories

In addition to managing a portfolio of business improvements, ASSIST also allows the specification of process-aligned agile user stories. Using techniques from enterprise architecture, user stories can be optionally structured to reuse actors, business objects and systems previously identified during business process design.

As with business improvements, technology user stories are allocated to one or multiple backlogs, and associated actions assigned to planning increments or sprints.

Overall status reporting on improvements and user stories allows implementation progress to be actively monitored and managed.

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