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Inspired transformation

The Morphix Company has been helping organisations improve business performance for 25 years, through global business transformation consulting, and with its latest ASSIST® and MetaSight® software solutions.

We believe that businesses can be transformed by the people that work in them. Our role, through our consulting services, ASSIST® and MetaSight® is to make that vision a reality.

The process of metamorphosis that results in striking butterflies finally emerging through various stages takes place as chemical blockers gradually reduce. We like to think that this is a good metaphor for the organisations we work with. Quite often your staff already know what issues exist and what could be done to resolve these. Morphix works with your staff to help identify organisational blockers and enable them to transform performance through aligning strategy, culture, processes, people and technology.

No Limits: removing blockers and creating freedom to perform

The Morphix Company has a reputation for delivering extraordinary and global value by using a very light touch on the organisations we work with. We do this through a highly experienced team of consultants, a carefully refined business transformation framework, and through our scalable enterprise software.

The Morphix Company was founded in 1995 by Mark Newman who continues to serve as the CEO. The company is independently owned.


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