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What we have done

Repeatable success

Our diverse and multi-cultural team is mobile, having worked in our clients’ regional offices across five continents. We have enabled global transformations that have created value in excess of $1bn for our clients.

Here is a selection of case studies, providing examples of how we have helped our clients to realise complex change programmes in their organisations that deliver lasting business value.


  • Improving performance
    Transforming the operations at a complex production plant, improving output, safety and operational efficiency

  • Transmitting know-how
    Replicating an effective working model supported by new technology across continents, multiplying productivity and efficiency benefits

  • Maximising efficiency
    Enabling the effective use of real-time monitoring to deliver a significant reduction in construction costs and risk

  • Leveraging technology
    Implementing a systematic and repeatable method for prioritising, developing and deploying advanced technologies that creates business value

  • Enabling collaboration
    Aligning, integrating and connecting global experts to deliver a complex production start-up project

management consultancy from morphix


Client programme wins award for excellence in recognition of outstanding effort and performance in helping drive delivery, reduce key risks and grow additional value.

Further Reading

Improving performance

A multinational organisation operates a large number of complex production plants in different remote locations. Multi-disciplined teams of experts work together to protect and operate each plant, with a strong emphasis on safety along-side maximising operational efficiency and output.




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