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Developing your capabilities

Empowering your in-house transformation teams

Your situation

You may have run a number of business change projects, and have teams who have delivered change programmes, but is your organisation consistent in its approach to transformation? Do your projects always deliver sustainable change which in turn deliver the intended benefits?

How Morphix can help

We will enable your organisation to adopt our proven methods, tools and software as your own. There will be a step change in your internal transformation capability, ensuring consistent, successful outcomes to your change programmes.

We will teach your change managers how to assemble our methods and tools to structure their programmes and how to work with our capability and process modelling techniques to design and deploy holistic "to‑be" business architectures that allow you to realise measurable value.

We will provide a Method Portal which provides your staff with guidelines, templates, tools and examples that support our method for business transformation.

The outcome

Empowered by our proven successful approach to delivering transformation programmes, your organisation and in-house project teams will be able to repeat this success time and time again, consistently delivering measurable business improvement across your enterprise.


Commitment: long-term engagements and repeat business with our clients reflects our commitment and ability to work with you until value is realised.

Our Method Portal: used by our consultants and available to you, providing guidelines, templates, tools and examples that are accessible via a web browser

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"... we fully expect this to become a standard way of operating in the future."

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What we have done

Our diverse and multi-cultural team is mobile, having worked in our clients’ regional offices across five continents. We have enabled global transformations that have created value in excess of $1bn for our clients.




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