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Creating measurable business value

For over 20 years, Morphix has been helping organisations transform their operations to meet new challenges and opportunities. Over this time we have developed an extremely flexible and effective methodology for rapidly identifying key business issues and implementing changes to the way an organisation works. This methodology has been proven to help our clients improve business performance.

Our structured approach has been refined through repeated use in large enterprises across many sectors and incorporates our extensive know-how with cross-industry best practice. It is an approach which can be configured to the unique circumstances of your organisation.

Our consultants work with you throughout the transformation process. Every Morphix consultant brings over 20 years of international business experience in multiple industries, helping apply the appropriate elements of our methodology to your business situation.

It is this combination of our structured approach and small teams of experienced consultants that efficiently helps to improve performance in your organisation.

Our work is always outcome-focused, ensuring that the resulting changes in your organisation create lasting business value in line with your business strategy.

We continuously refine and update our inter-related methods, tools, guides and templates through research and learning from our clients' successes.


Effective Solutions: Our methodology and tools for holistic business transformation underpin our consulting services and ensure you receive a proven and effective solution.

Our Consultants

  • Always have over 20 years of relevant business expertise
  • Have broad experience from different backgrounds and industries
  • Are only deployed if they are right for your project
  • Engage carefully with all stakeholders, recognising their position, needs and working styles
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"The scale of the benefits demonstrates the value of using the Morphix Business Transformation approach to release the benefits of investment in technology. Without this Transformation project it is doubtful that a fraction of these benefits would have been achieved."

Further Reading

Our structured approach

When we talk about Business Transformation with our clients, we are generally distinguishing between an approach which treats organisational change holistically, and one which simplistically attempts to pick off specific areas to change.




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